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We provide Luxury Travel accessories including Luxury Tours.

Switzerland Tour


Umrah Tour


Dubai Tour


Murree Tour


Naran Kaghan Tour


Swat Valley Tour


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We provide Luxury Travel accessories including Luxury Hotels.

Park Hotel Vitznau

Dar Al Eiman Royal Mecca

Armani Hotel Dubai

Jawa International Murree

Rose Valley Naran

White Palace Swat

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We provide Luxury Travel accessories including Luxury Car Rental service.

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We are not earning money for our wealth we just earn to improve the quality of services to serve all our clients relentlessly with total dedication and commitment.

+ 1000 Customers.

Our +1000 Customers are enjoying our luxury Tour and Travel accessories. We are working under a notion comfort, care, confidence ensure that providing not only a tour but side facilitation too.

+200 Premium Tours.

A Series of tours can be done with Milky Way Tour and Travels. We have +120 Premium Tours within Azad Kashmir and Pakistan and +80 Premium Tours around the World.

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Our Tour and Travel Experts are at your Service 24 hours a day, 30 days a month, every day of the year. Our aim is to provide emergency travel support to our Valuable clients any time.

10 Languages available.

Milky Way can be visited by an English guide or 10 foreign languages. We are specialized in organizing expertly-guided Tours in about 10 Languages.

Accessibility Management.

We are working to fulfill special need of disable travelers. We are specialized in Accessible Circus vacations and packaged Land Tour for person with dis abilities.

Pet allowed.

Want to include your Pets in more of yours activities? Contact us to find all kind of exciting places, Hotels, Restaurants or Tours to go with your Pets including dog and cats friendly Tours.

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